Installation A-Day, 2010!

You’ve waited all year!!!! and it’s finally here!! It’s february! time for


check out Installation-A-Day 2009 (part 1 & part 2)

I am so excited. It was really a great month last year, and this year I have entirely new scenery to create (mostly middle of the night…) installations in. I mean, I know you all loved installations in the corner of my art studio, or around my bed, or the piles of snow were just great, but now it’s the tropical version! I could call it, “Installation-A-Day takes a vacation to Florida. For a while.”

I will be updating here and also on facebook.

And here comes the first installation!!


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2 responses to “Installation A-Day, 2010!

  1. Dan

    May I sign up for a few collaborative slots later this week? I am interested in producing things.

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