unleash your (New Yorker) Florida Side!

[Queue infinite number of “discovering New York” songs!]

Hello and welcome to New York. How fun! you all get to travel with me as I move so many places. But you don’t even have to bother trying to find a dresser or packing a box!! That must be exciting.

One of the first things I saw when I arrived (lugging through the subway with so many bags… sometimes I really have to remember what my wise friend Eliza said, “BusinessLadies take Cabs”) was a whole slew of Fabulous Florida advertisements.

I’ve seen so many advertisements on the subway for Florida, it’s very silly and I’ve been trying to anthropologically dissect them. There’s this Unleashed, Free, Fabulous, Totally Gorgeous Fleet of Floridians (I think that would be a good collective noun for Floridians) that exist in the minds of cold, cranky, tired-of-winter New Yorkers. I’m just going to go with that, and let them assume that under my giant sleeping-bag mushroom-cloud of a winter coat I am that Fabulous Floridian of their dreams. (which I am, obviously)

Crazy to think I’ve been here almost a month (since march 1!) but I’m really loving it. I love so much going on, so many cool things and people and places and being a grown up lady, commuting to work with my coffee (ok, tea), discovering my new neighborhood, making new friends, pretending to understand the train system, going to fancy art openings, organizing the pantry, going grocery shopping (vaguely becoming an obsession? still figuring out how to shop for one person. And how these two items got shelved in the same asile:


solving toilet overflow crisis, and worrying about money and My Future.

There’s so much going on I had to start limiting myself because I was going crazy trying to do everything. This last week I was a crusty old lady New Yorker: there’s at least 3 awesome things (great art show openings, folksy intimate concerts, a great happy hour deal, a friend visiting in town, just the boring old Central Park for that matter) going on but they’re “too far away” (a 15 minute train ride to Manhattan — or worse a complicated transfer / longer train ride to Williamsburg (life as a hipster is so hard when your bike is still in 4 parts)) but I chose to stay home and make phone calls and cook chili and organize the bathroom. It’s been a strange transition. I feel like I just hit this point where it was no longer ok to just keep running, living out of a suitcase and rushing rushing everywhere to try and do everything, which I usually push myself to do. So things are slowly getting in order, slowly making sense.

Being at Creative Time is wonderful! Its got this supercharged energy buzzing around that reminds me so much of Elsewhere, except I’m in a clean white office with lots of computers and everyone wearing high-heels and there’s “Hollywood Cookie Diet Cookies – Diet of the Stars” (a joke-present I believe? they just taste like bad spongy cookies) in the office kitchen (instead of a full fridge of $300 groceries/week). The similar energy is the intense energy around producing a project and a vision and a piece that when I step outside of it, sometimes seems a bit silly maybe. Silly is not the right word. Its like, when I was an office Admin, it was ok and normal to be crazy and frantic and rushing to finish a really important powerpoint presentation, getting the graphic arrows just right and making sure the text had no typos and that it got to the right person at the right time. Now there’s the similar energy and intensity but it’s around producing a huge month-long community based project where one of our artists is interviewing and collaborating with all different spiritual leaders in the Lower East Side neighborhood. I love that intensity and importance — it’s being in an environment where art makes a difference and is valued and that value is known and assumed. It’s ok to be spending the same energy as someone would on “business” on a crazy project that is going to provide a whole new way of looking at that issue for viewers and the participants.

Its amazing how I can be so happy and feel so good about this step (working with great people, surrounded by incredible artists and friends that “get it”, in a beautiful place) but I can also feel crazy and stupid and insane (“how is this ever going to work? I’ll never make it, I was crazy for moving here without a solid plan”). I think I just have to keep moving and making things happen instead of listening to all those thoughts.

Here is a glimpse into my semi-settled in life:

here’s my florida key-chain pride:

my wall of support & little art:


my Fabulous F train arriving to take me home!!!:

Oh whoops I guess that was me hoping it was my train.

I’m almost at a point where I can set up a sewing area and start sewing and making… the Year of the Sexy Romper (or Anytime Romper – Sleeping Romper, Gym-Romper, Office-Romper, Night-On-The-Town Romper, GNO-Romper…) continues soon I promise…

Some New York highlights!!

  • friends! so many lovely friends all around. and they just keep coming/visiting too!!! crazy.

Joe leading an epic journey across Brooklyn carting a shelf & table on his bike-mule

hanging out with lily-bean all the time all around town!!

And even the friends I don’t get to see in person, I keep seeing in all the signs around me too!!

  • packing myself super-cute lunch/dinners (they didn’t fit inside the FACE (Florida Association of Code Enforcement Lunchbox though….)not pictured: sweet potato chili with quinoa and salsa! and (separately) homemade pancakes with strawberries and bananas, made by ms. Amber Phelps-Bonderoff and eaten in good company with roommate Lindsay and Joe.
  • going AWESOME goodwill/flea market shopping with Lily! We’ve gone about every Saturday under the pretense of “getting stuff to set up my apartment” but we’ll look at the shelves and lame dishracks, and then just go to the clothes. A.) she is an ACE thrift store shopper and always good luck, and B.) so many great spots to shop! Some highlights:

BRKLYN CYCLONES (electric yellow) t-shirt! I mean, I am a proud Brooklynite now.


So you see this coat from afar, it’s kinda cute, maybe “funky”, nicely cut and with an overall air of “business”. You come up a bit closer. What’s that written on the buttons? slightly rose-colored? just a bit different from the white of the rest of the coat? Oh yes. That is the Barbie logo.

This is a Barbie Jacket. This is the jacket that Barbie wears when she is running for Cute President.  I LOVE IT.

  • A NYC favorite past time: staring intensely at cuties in the subway. Making up instant romance stories where we lock eyes once in the subway and fall hopelessly in love and start a cafe/art/community space together and live happily ever after just because I stared at them once and caught their attention.
  • it snowed yesterday! I’m not quite as sick of winter as everyone else seems to be (guess I was too busy hanging out at the beach in January?), so that was exciting.

So that’s where I’m at! Figuring out what works. I’m gonna not be quite such a crusty old lady new yorker this week.


p.s. my brother loves me:


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2 responses to “unleash your (New Yorker) Florida Side!

  1. nanci (mom)

    Barbie running for CUTE PRESIDENT – made me laugh out loud!! Love it!

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