an update 20 years in the making

last night I finished the update to the Bonar Family Haggadah that has been 20 years in the making.

My dad made this version in 1992. Before that I learned that our family used the Haggadah that my dad and his girlfriend PRIOR TO MY MOM made together — yeah I didn’t know that story till today either. Regardless, the Classic Bonar Family Haggadah is a great version, but there’s so much more to add! So each year we engaged in an imagined, collective performance piece called “Talking about Updating the Haggadah but Never Actually Doing Anything About It”.


welcome to the 21st century, Passover. I introduce to you: the PowerPoint Haggadah.

Fully editable, easily added to, paperless & eco-friendly, modern and pretty. adaptable to the ages, especially ready for multi-media extravaganzas!

I’m so excited to use this on Friday at the Wassaic Passover! I’ve been ironing flags and buying groceries and making charoset and crowns and singing nerdy Passover songs…. SO GRATEFUL to the awesome Wassaic Community who have jumped into this — I’m so excited to celebrate this holiday with a new lovely group of people and friends.

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