BusinessLady Nails

Last Monday I went to Nail School with my friend Breanne who is launching herself into an awesome project/career as a nail technician, exploring the social interactions and intimate spaces created when one paints another person’s nails. View her process HERE.

She had her Week 8 test on Monday, applying a full set of acrylic nails (french manicure at that!) — and needed a model! I was happy I could fulfill that role.


The clicking clacking noise is really the best. So I made a movie. Videography by Ashley May.

This is what I typed while doing that performance (including the first take where we had the camera on the wrong setting):

slkdjfwoie j:Voiywwejkrwlkjfohornt5nt;

ehouh j

aLIYDHTELKHASO*YSDKJFHEKJBT ;wehfsjkhtljcowheifhdih n

I want to eat some more yogurt acutally maybe i’m ok without it because i just ate some yogurt and it was really great to watcfh theat toijg ale.tkci tjw.gion macro now bitchess wahoo wyeah agoid galksiyt skjeifhg/llAlkh ^ lkj6.kjsditthaAliyssktheddosithe.rhfg  foihsurh soiehht fhsoijfht sioijt soietu

GOod morning!

It’s BusinessLady Time, Bitches. We are ready to roll and ready to click and clack our way to the FUTURE!!!! FUck that cuz we are getting going this mornign wiht a fucking cup of coffee and some yogurt and friends and we are just ready ready ready ready for ACTION. also, let’s bike our way into the future.

Good Morning!

It’s time for some mega action, Ladiez. We are ready to jump into the wide abys of LIFE. we are ready to jump in with our fancy swimsuits on and our headbands sparkling. we got our ladies in the back seat and also some snacks of course because we have got to be PREPARED. prepared for the hotties that are gonna stop by, prepared for the business meetings, prepared for some amazing things to just COME INTO OUR LIVES!!! we are just pumped. we are ready. we have glittery eyelner and healthy breakfasts in our bellies.

let’s go.


Turns out Ashley is an experienced typing-videographer! when we finished she said, “I did a project called ‘Typing Portraits’ once.” — AWESOME/PERF. Check it out HERE.


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