cartwheellakeworthI am an artist, community organizer, fashion designer, and facilitator. This blog is about making art and building community and feeling great about my life right here and right now, not waiting until I am in the perfect place or have the perfect job or am perfect in general. It’s about creating something incredible even if I am scared it will only be ok. This is my place to be vulnerable and open about my artistic process and products.

I currently live and work in New York City making PowerSuits. I am a long term artist-in-residence at Flux Factory, and teach kids sewing at The Fashion ClassI am always planning and scheduling and looking forward: I am open to suggestions about what could be next. 

3 responses to “About

  1. I think your exploration and adventure rocks, but maybe I am biased. I was looking for $ funding for some of my art projects and found you. 🙂 Hope all is well.
    🙂 Sarah Brown

  2. Caroline

    voted best blog by the thinkingraw group.

  3. I had never considered my art to be in gallery form or interactive but lately I have been more interested taking small steps in getting involved in art communities. The writing here intrigues me and challenges me to take bigger steps.

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