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a month in the midwest

I’ve temporarily traded NYC for a month on the road – visiting friends and doing some mini-residencies to refine and develop a real wearable clothing line, the next step for the PowerSuits project.


Last week I took part in an art residency at Have Company in Grand Rapids and had a great time meeting all the amazing people of that town and getting to know the life of a store owner. I finished up a bunch of old projects that had been haunting me, hosted a romper-making workshop, and had an amazing photo-shoot with Carson Davis Brown — looking forward to the PowerSuit pics that come from that afternoon of fabric forts and metal mountains.



Now I’m in Yipsilanti, inhabiting my friend’s Juliet and Narooz’s lives by housesitting, hanging out with their cat Gingerale, and eating all the pickles in their fridge. I am so enjoying having the space to myself; it feels like playing ‘house’.


My goal for this residency is to create 4 rough drafts of pieces that I love and want to produce on a bigger scale as part of the PowerSuits line. To do that I’m creating at least 3 variations of each piece, 12 pieces total. The categories are: Jumpsuit, Blazer, Basic Dress, Basic Blouse. These are pieces for fantastic daily wear, uniforms for a magical and powerful life.

So far I have a bunch of starts — some very standard shirt and dress combos, some weird crazy costume pieces. I want to have the final pieces be a bit of both: totally wearable while also a bit weird and crazy. More pictures over the next few days.

Thanks for your ongoing support of all things PowerSuit y’all…. I’ve been very much in my head these last few months, but this summer is the summer of sewing. more making less thinking GO!

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work hard; spring is coming

Two weeks in and I’m already behind. As always I’ve taken on too many projects and committed to a million meetings — all of which are awesome and incredible and fun and or necessary and I can’t possibly say no. This weekend I had a chance to sit down and sew. I have two projects to show you today for the past two weeks of this project.

But in my head, I feel like I don’t have anything to show you. I have been making up a lot of stories as to why these two pieces “don’t count” or “aren’t good enough.” I want this project to be about making domestic, wearable garments, but I also want to create crazy outrageous non-functional costumes. These aren’t really outrageous or costume-y, one isn’t even completed, and the other is actually cheating because I didn’t make the whole thing from scratch.

OH BUT WAIT, I made up this game – and I didn’t even really make up all the rules yet. The only rule is work. This game is about producing instead of thinking, it’s about making things instead of making lists. These garments are two steps forward towards a clothing line, a coherent project, a next step, a clear vision. So here we go.


For these past two weeks, I created two everyday-wear garments responding to my very immediate environment and personal state of being. These pieces are about planning, preparations, utility, warmth, bundling up for the last bit of winter, dreaming of the adventures ahead, suiting up for times when I’ll be out making and doing and walking around in these costumes. Work hard now, spring is coming.

The first piece is a pair of overalls. I’m almost finished but need to sew in the snaps, and find the right hardware for the straps. The trickiest part was the side-openings, as I didn’t want to have a center fly. I am hoping when finished it’s the right combination of loose fitting for easy bending and moving, but tight enough to feel like it’s made just for me.


The second piece is a cozy cozy sweater for a cute-lumberjack. I took an old “dad” sweater with a big V neck and added a fleece collar, lined with fuzzy red plaid underneath. It is surprisingly very warm, and I’m excited to ride out the last bit of this winter wearing it.


The only rule is work. Keep working. Keep going. Stop thinking, just make.


p.s. yes, I make my patterns out of “Latino Firemen” posters from MFTA.

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March 3 – April 29, the period of my Wassaic Project Residency.

I created a one-word flag for every day of the residency. The word “created” the day, as opposed to reporting or reflecting on it. It was a way to get out of my head and into the world, to make something instead of think about it, to stop the unproductive negative thinking that kept me from jumping out and making things happen (as opposed to thinking about how stupid or dumb they might turn out).

View the full project set here.

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rock spa

the winter 2012 residents of the Wassaic Project are obsessed with these beautiful blue rocks. they are probably industrial slag, which is less than a beautiful idea, but they are beautiful products.

We used them as the centerpiece/main visual for the Passover Seder. Ashley and I had to take them to an in-house Rock Spa to get them ready for their big performance.


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walking performance: collaboration with Tiny Tim Riggins

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE STORY >>>>>> [View the story “walk with riggins” on Storify]

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Things I’ve learned about BusinessLady Nails

some things are more or less possible/awesome while one is wearing BusinessLady Nails.

  • opening windows: sorta difficult
  • opening soda cans: pretty impossible
  • peeling a grapefruit: surpisingly do-able
  • writing with a pencil: yes
  • typing on a computer: yes, with much more clacking
  • texting: sure
  • scratching your head/arm: AMAZING
  • riding a bike: yes
  • picking up a bobby pin or a needle from a table: really hard
  • grabbing raisins from a jar: useful!
  • picking your nose: kinda annoying/ grosser than usual
  • being super freaking impressive and slightly old-fashioned all at once: THE BEST.

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BusinessLady Nails

Last Monday I went to Nail School with my friend Breanne who is launching herself into an awesome project/career as a nail technician, exploring the social interactions and intimate spaces created when one paints another person’s nails. View her process HERE.

She had her Week 8 test on Monday, applying a full set of acrylic nails (french manicure at that!) — and needed a model! I was happy I could fulfill that role.


The clicking clacking noise is really the best. So I made a movie. Videography by Ashley May.

This is what I typed while doing that performance (including the first take where we had the camera on the wrong setting):

slkdjfwoie j:Voiywwejkrwlkjfohornt5nt;

ehouh j

aLIYDHTELKHASO*YSDKJFHEKJBT ;wehfsjkhtljcowheifhdih n

I want to eat some more yogurt acutally maybe i’m ok without it because i just ate some yogurt and it was really great to watcfh theat toijg ale.tkci tjw.gion macro now bitchess wahoo wyeah agoid galksiyt skjeifhg/llAlkh ^ lkj6.kjsditthaAliyssktheddosithe.rhfg  foihsurh soiehht fhsoijfht sioijt soietu

GOod morning!

It’s BusinessLady Time, Bitches. We are ready to roll and ready to click and clack our way to the FUTURE!!!! FUck that cuz we are getting going this mornign wiht a fucking cup of coffee and some yogurt and friends and we are just ready ready ready ready for ACTION. also, let’s bike our way into the future.

Good Morning!

It’s time for some mega action, Ladiez. We are ready to jump into the wide abys of LIFE. we are ready to jump in with our fancy swimsuits on and our headbands sparkling. we got our ladies in the back seat and also some snacks of course because we have got to be PREPARED. prepared for the hotties that are gonna stop by, prepared for the business meetings, prepared for some amazing things to just COME INTO OUR LIVES!!! we are just pumped. we are ready. we have glittery eyelner and healthy breakfasts in our bellies.

let’s go.


Turns out Ashley is an experienced typing-videographer! when we finished she said, “I did a project called ‘Typing Portraits’ once.” — AWESOME/PERF. Check it out HERE.

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