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10×10 beginnings

nothing gets me more excited than color-coordinated piles of fabrics:

= the beginnings of tents & animals for the 10×10 show in november.

my favorite: that the blue star-print comforter has been in the top of my closet for years. The last time I used it was when my dog would sleep on my bed every night. The comforter smells like her.

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magnetic, electric.


Ok, first of all, I want you all to know this is the same blog. You all know that I go through blogs like I write new lists — ongoingly and with no regard to how many I already have. BUT! this is the same blog! just with a new, classy-er and modern look!

Let’s take a look at all the awesome new features!

  • Firstly, I love how the date is written. the blue is so surprising and fresh! a nice bright spot in the serious grey background.
  • Also, check out how you can see all the different tags I’ve tagged posts with! Now you can always find the posts about “glitter” “sequins” or “hott pink” (and, inconveniently, “hot pink”) at the click of a tag cloud.
  • AND!! you can sign up to get email news updates about this blog! Become a subscriber! put more glitter in your life!

I just wanted to make sure not to alienate any of my valued loyal readers. Who have somehow made it to all my blogs.


Today was incredibly normal! Except of course that I got to think about wearing my awesome new dress. Which made me remember that I got that fabric from the amazing Angela Zimmerelli from fabric mountain: a pile of moldy and/or old and/or unsellable and/or unfashionable bolts of fabric that I got to dig through and incredibly take to use for the mountains of fabric that was my senior thesis project/installation last may. hmm. so, point is that that dress is going in the wash before it goes down to sexy-town.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-organize my room. This used to be a fairly common past time of mine. I think this room has been in about 5 million different variations. Once (in a house before this one) I had my bed in the closet for a month or two, trying to make it more cave like. But I had horrible dreams and got in all these girl-fights at school and was generally sad and I’m not saying it was directly correlated, but mom and I decided to move the bed out of the closet eventually.

But back to this room. Suddenly, its a big issue. Cause I want to have it be a work space and a sleeping space and a Mom Scrapbooking space and a 2 Beds Guest Room space and somehow it’s also become the Storage Space for Lots of Boxes of Art Supplies and/or Winter Clothes and/or Bedding and/or Things That I Will Definitely Not Need Until I Move If I Move Somewhere Cold That Is. Besides the fact that this room is actually not really a bedroom and for some reason mom and dad decided it would be fine for me to use it as one when I begged and begged and begged.

Anyways anyways: here’s a sketch. But it still doesn’t make sense.


Best part of today: remembering that I have friends, even nearby in crazy florida-land. And finally putting aside this high school anxiety I’ve been feeling around here, thinking somehow I’m really just a loser.

Tonight I’m magnetic, electric.

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