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FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

vanilla cake with cashew and honey sesame seed buns, black-bean (gluten free) chocolate cake meat patty (was good, probably would be better with a few recipe tweaks), pineapple cheese slices, berry relish, yogurt “mayonnaise” dressing. vegetables were only used for garnish.

this is my new july 4th tradition. an aliyabarbeque original.

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family dinner

last week we had a counselors-only late night family dinner. we all planned special foods to bring to this potluck/break from dining hall food. I decided it was a food-art challenge: make a delicious and unexpected dish made entirely from foods (borrowed?) from the dining hall. I added later that I wanted it to be mostly vegan, and I expanded that I could get the ingredients from anywhere on campus, but not buy them.

ENTREE: Garbanzo Bean Gazpacho with Cucumbers and Grapes.

(stolen goods)

Soup Stock:
1 baggie of mushrooms/carrots mix (from the salad bar)
1 baggie red onions (from salad bar)
6 celery sticks (from the condiments bar)
5 oil-spread/ butter packets (from condiments bar)
1 bay leaf (take from on top of another dish in hot-bar; optional, probably not advisable)
salt & pepper (shakers on table)
3-4 cups of water (from tap)
1 baggie garbanzo beans (from the salad bar)
red pepper flakes (from pasta bar)
2-3 cups full of soy milk or milk (from milk machine)
1 baggie sliced cucumbers (from salad bar)
1 baggie red grapes (from fruit parfait bar), sliced in half
1 spoonful / serving of plain yogurt (from fruit parfait bar)
1. Create veggie stock: saute onions in butter with salt until browned. Add celery (cut up), mushrooms, carrots. Saute with spices until very cooked. Add garbanzo beans and brown slightly. once all ingredients are thoroughly cooked and browned, add 3-4 cups of water, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes. [NOTE: for more refined soup: do not add garbanzo beans to stock. Simmer stock, strain out vegetables, then add garbanzo beans.]
2. After removing pot from stove and cooling to room temperature, blend the soup in a blender. Add enough milk to blender to smooth out the soup and make less thick. Return the soup to the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before serving.
3. Before serving, add sliced cucumbers and sliced grapes to the top of the soup, do not stir in. Diners have option of adding a spoon-ful of yogurt to their soup for extra tang and smooth-ness.

I think everyone liked it! I didn’t exactly tell everyone what was in the soup and they were silent as I served it. BUT! once they tasted it, everyone was surprised how good it was! especially because it sorta turned a weird color from the stock process.

DESSERT: Morir Soñando (Die dreaming) popsicles

1 cupful of soymilk (from the milk machine)
1 cupful of orange juice (from the juice machine)
cinnamon/nutmeg mix (from the starbucks next door)
4 packets sugar (from the coffee bar)
10 coffee stirrers (from the starbucks next door)
1. mix milk, juice, cinnamon, sugar in a bowl until sugar and spices dissolved.
2. pour into an ice-cube tray
3. break coffee stirrers in half; place one stirrer half in each ice cube mold.
4. freeze for at least 4 hours. Serve cold.
  • sweet-potato hashbrowns (by Rylee!)
  • swiss-mushroom and goat-cheese-tomato quiche (by Rylee!)
  • home-made pizza bagels (by Narooz!)
  • swiss-chard stirfry (by Jordan!)
  • orange-cinnamon rolls (by Juliet!)
  • Key Lime Pie (by Danielle!)
  • cookies & chocolate espresso beans (by Hooper!)

totally delish 11pm (after the students go to bed) dinner… lovely nysssa family time.

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a warm house

last night lindsay and I had our housewarming party and it was totally lovely. Spent the day being real house-wife-y: cleaning and taking out the trash and sweeping and baking cookies and cleaning the bathroom.

put on my party dress and some sweet tunes. we both painted our nails.

and then the apartment filled up with friends from Hampshire & the Valley, from Elsewhere, from Landmark, from my extended family (woah cousins!), from down the street, and more. Our bellies filled up with cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, delicious cheese and bagette, picnic basket wine, ginger-beer, and then later joe’s famous spice cake, my famous macrobiotic jelly cookies, and some brownies with candy-canes in them (I was cleaning the cupboards and found them….). Our kitchen was filled up with conversation and new/old friends, and then our living room was filled up with Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and other great musicians who I can’t remember because they aren’t vagely ironic but actually make great dance music.

The house warmed up so much I had to open a window! And as Lindsay said, “Aliya’s always cold.”

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly, New York.

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Eating in New York

I sum up my experience eating in New York with this series of photos from one of my favs, mr. alton brown:

fast paced, on the go, must be edible with one hand, usually eaten while multi-tasking, wrapped in pastry, includes jam & is toast-able if possible, involves a slightly ridiculous hair-do, varied, delicious & enticing – even surprising!

watch the full awesome video here.

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