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across the manhattan bridge

when I’m biking and sweating and coasting down a hill and feeling the wind get into my jacket (but it’s welcomed because I needed a little air), I suddenly realize, damn, I’m biking the hell outta this city. And then I feel like I own it. and I feel like I’m going places and meeting people and doing the right things. And that my own two legs are getting me there. That’s when I spontaneously think “I FEEL GREAT TODAY!!” Its like reaching your head out a window and screaming it but you don’t even have to find a window because you’re already out there and you can just tell the whole freaking city, “I FEEL GREAT TODAY!” and then you won. you won and you own it. you own the whole freaking city. mine. yours.

I will share with you the best part of riding home by bike in the middle of the night in January.

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