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rock spa

the winter 2012 residents of the Wassaic Project are obsessed with these beautiful blue rocks. they are probably industrial slag, which is less than a beautiful idea, but they are beautiful products.

We used them as the centerpiece/main visual for the Passover Seder. Ashley and I had to take them to an in-house Rock Spa to get them ready for their big performance.


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wassaic community passover 2012


Filled with friends old and new, with delicious foods, with ceremonies, singing, art, rocks, rituals.

quotes from participants:

“I was hesitant to come to the seder, based on my past experiences of Passover, but this was really great. I really loved being a part of this!”

“Thanks so much for facilitating Seder! I appreciated the social justice-y readings et. al. very much. Lovely all around.”

“Thank you for putting this all together. The Seder was a great experience!”

“Yeah, what what WILL make this year different from all other years?”

I CANNOT WAIT to keep updating the digital (powerpoint) haggadah and distribute it earlier next year for you all to use.

jeff washing his hands ceremonially for the whole table

dipping the karpas (also note classy cardboard matzo cover with gold pen embellishments)

no young children were in attendance at our seder (minus Gilvey, age 2 months), so we watched this cute girl on youtube sing the 4 Questions. And then added a fifth question — “How will (we make) this YEAR be different from all other years?”

do-di-li sung by the Milwaukee Children’s Choir (awesome).

breaking the middle matza for the afikomen

maggid — a Jewish Rock Opera

spilling a drop of wine for each of the ten commandments

the meal with Wassaic Farmer friends!

Handmade seder plate, made with much assistance and inspiration from Jeff and Breanne.

Ashley’s crazy Chocolate Matza Face Dance:

so good.

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an update 20 years in the making

last night I finished the update to the Bonar Family Haggadah that has been 20 years in the making.

My dad made this version in 1992. Before that I learned that our family used the Haggadah that my dad and his girlfriend PRIOR TO MY MOM made together — yeah I didn’t know that story till today either. Regardless, the Classic Bonar Family Haggadah is a great version, but there’s so much more to add! So each year we engaged in an imagined, collective performance piece called “Talking about Updating the Haggadah but Never Actually Doing Anything About It”.


welcome to the 21st century, Passover. I introduce to you: the PowerPoint Haggadah.

Fully editable, easily added to, paperless & eco-friendly, modern and pretty. adaptable to the ages, especially ready for multi-media extravaganzas!

I’m so excited to use this on Friday at the Wassaic Passover! I’ve been ironing flags and buying groceries and making charoset and crowns and singing nerdy Passover songs…. SO GRATEFUL to the awesome Wassaic Community who have jumped into this — I’m so excited to celebrate this holiday with a new lovely group of people and friends.

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pattern options

sneak peak at my passover project/event/seder/interactive performance.

so many patterns. feeling a little brain dead. can’t decide what is good or not.

this is a horseradish.

patterns created by shannon finnegan.

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what are you doing upstate at wasszzieacyockk?? what is an art residency anyway? you’re a doctor? you’re a student? you’re not a student but you’re in school, right? where do you live now?

one of my projects is to write up a brochure called, “So, your friend/family member/lover wants to go to an artist residency?” or “Artist Residencies for not-dummies” or “Artist Residencies, a Guide”. But I might not get to that so here’s my best explanation so far: Artist residencies create an environment, a support, a community that wants you (the artist-in-residence) to “win” at being an artist. maybe that means supporting you financially. maybe that means supporting you with a line of cheerleaders. maybe that means supporting you with cheesecake. maybe that means supporting you with friends. maybe that means supporting you with free time. whatever. they want you to win, succeed, triumph, get lots of trophies, and do that from doing your work, your best work, critically examined, challenged, pushed. The artists in residence are treated like people who have something to say and contribute, not like someone who should/is/has to struggle to make rent or buy groceries or figure out what to do day to day or go to a job or whatever.

from what I’ve seen it doesn’t seem to be a long term solution in most cases but it’s like a huddle maybe. that’s what an artist residency is, that’s what i’m doing.

Here’s some of what that means for me:

1. being taken aback by the beauty and poetry of day-old st. patrick’s day supermarket baked goods compositions.

2. having my art displayed at Sit & Wonder cafe in Prospect Heights!!!

better / more pictures soon, but for now just a taste above. it is so exciting seeing my work set in a real public place, on-goingly! I get to see it every time I get a delicious coffee! and I’ve sold 3 pieces already! to some amazing people I love. so I don’t even have to worry where the work is going — I get to visit it again. Many pieces are still available — let me know if you’d like to purchase any of them or let’s set up a time to take a tour together.  !

3. being a metro-north commuter. I’ve been going back to NYC every weekend to log some hours at my current job, have NYC meetings, check in on my awesome quilts, get a jolt of citttyyy. I’ve been blow away by the generosity of so many lovely friends who have hosted me, hosted my stuff, bought me food, assisted in errands before my show, etc etc etc. An extra special shout out to mermaid joe for providing dried papaya, hair-cutting buzzers, airmattresses & patches of floor, bike lights, & solid friendship.

4. making 1-word flags every day. these are creation flags. creating the day from nothing without context or history, just deciding what word I’m inventing as the theme of the day. not reflective. i have enough reflective crap. I almost finished this project at the end of march, but then I decided I’ll continue for at least April if not longer. When you’re making flags, you need A LOT of flags. imagine a ROOM CEILING BARN! full of flags! FULL OF FLAGS!!!!!! yes. that is what we are talking about people.

also stickers. I made little 1inch x 1 inch stickers of these flags. but they’re not big enough. I will be venturing into 4 in x 4 in flag stickers… but I need buyers to commit to specific flags/stickers first. so claim yours now — let me know which one you want. maybe they should be limited edition. like only 5 of each word. hmmm…. screenprinting??? either way, start claiming words people.

5. drinking a lot of water:

hydration is key. marketing and slogans is becoming something very interesting to me. corporations. conversations in the world. repeated and declared messages in the world. mass producing. stickers.

slogan i thought of today: “EVERYTHING MATTERS.” not yet clear what visual form it takes.

6. doing 8-hour in-studio performances:

I got a really wonderful response to this piece via the MAIL, which is EVEN BETTER THAN THE INTERNET (I said it! ha! take that! doesn’t mean I won’t LOVE you to digitally comment all over this blog. all over my face. wherever.).

Greg, my #1 gold-star-A+friend and fan reflected on my piece some really important thoughts: “you are chewing gum wearing headphones, totally unprofessional!!” OH MAN, GREG YOU GOT ME. geeze what was I thinking? way too (business) casual. sorry y’all. but, on the bright side, Greg said he loved my bad singing. so phew.

7. wearing lipstick every day for a week.

an experiment in being a BusinessLady. and getting lipstick on every cup I drink from. annoying! but classy.

8. making Headquarters Offices. out of a million USPS boxes.

this is inspired by a photo I saw a million years ago from my high school best friend Tessa, who ordered a million free boxes from the USPS and set up a little fort. ever since I saw that I’ve been wanting so badly to do that too, but had no excuse to um, utilize without a specific purpose (?) so many boxes. BUT ART TO THE RESCUE! art is always a great reason to use resources. the pictures above are a prototype. but I’m excited. even just setting up some of the boxes and starting to build around me was calming on an otherwise freak-out day. building a space, a square space, a businesslady zone. an office headquarters. office desk parts will soon be inserted into the spacial sculpture as well. Maybe these fancy stores will host a performance/workday/businesslady time zone workshop workday….

9. making PowerSuits.

deconstructing thrifted blazers, making patterns, making my own patterns, reconstructing, quilting, collecting, being professional.

10. ordering cups of free yogurt online.

11. cutting my hands in all kinds of vaguely stupid ways. I’m up to 3 wounds. they’re all healing but geeze annoying. refraining from posting pictures of the wounds on the internet = even harder / more annoying.

12. organizing a wassaic community wide open passover seder!!!! got my copy of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Haggadah the other week and I’m so excited and inspired! I’ll be combining it with the Bonar Family Haggadah. so excited. that’s my main focus this week — gonna make this holiday real for all of us people.

I’m imagining coordinated passover-costumes (comfy/pillows/regal/desert sandals); screen printed seder plate imagery that’s also on the place-mats; a huge array of different traditions encompassed in the menu and recipes; people from all faiths at the same table talking about real modern stuff they’re thinking about and dealing with and breaking free from; freedom from that which constrains us. YOU’RE INVITED TOO. Friday April 13. LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE TO COME & BE A PART OF THIS.

13. generally being incredibly awesome and totally attractive.




p.s. i have no idea how i’m using these blog categories. this post really did seem to be all of them so clearly they are bad categories. i am forever trying to figure out how to categorize or organize or plan out or list out my life. better.


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