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this was #worthcelebrating

the twitter / real life performance was just lovely. I loved loved loved interacting with people in real life — collecting their stories and celebrations and whatever they were celebrating that day (including both moving to NYC, and also finally figuring out when he will be moving out of NYC). I also loved getting the additional layer of input and story contribution from the amazing online audience — friends, family, and everyone else contributing their stories in little twitter poems.

read the full (mostly full — open up those private twitter accounts in order for me to include your tweets in there next time!!!) story of the performance here.

thank you to man bartlett for documentation, assistance, and for making sure I got some dinner. thank you to curators jean barberis and elizabeth larison who let me throw together a performance in short notice!

in-progress flag photoshoot by alison nguyen!

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This Thursday, I am excited to unveil my newest project, WORTH CELEBRATING, which was produced specifically for Flux Factory‘s Spring exhibition, Bionic Gardens. The piece uses strands of flags hung all throughout the exhibition and Flux Factory building to set the stage for a celebration, to announce a party, a victory of things growing newly, changing and unfolding in unforeseen ways.

Within the context of the flags, the mundane becomes fantastic, our small daily victories and triumphs become something worth celebrating.

In that light, I will be doing a performance this THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 7-9PM as part of Flux Thursday, a monthly potluck and showcase event.

As part of the performance I will gather the stories of your recent personal victories, triumphs, accomplishments and celebrations. I will distill them into one word or phrase and then record that phrase onto one of the flags currently hanging at the Flux Factory.

At the conclusion we will have a document of celebration and triumph blowing in the wind.

Please join me this Thursday, June 14, from 7pm – 9pm eastern standard time: in person at Flux Factory (in Queens, NY), or online by tweeting a description of your celebration with the hashtag #WORTHCELEBRATING (you can follow me on twitter here).

I can’t wait to celebrate with you.


p.s. part of Flux Thursday is a potluck — if you can, bring something to share but more importantly, come hungry!! after the performance stick around to hear about the other amazing projects happening as part of the Bionic Gardens Show!

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“working”: an 8-hour performance reflections

welcome to today, to the Headquarters, to this blog, to my life, to the future.

Being at the Wassaic Project has had me finally focus on making art, instead of just focusing on freaking out or applying for jobs that never get back to me or grocery shopping whatever else I was doing. It is this lovely little town. with beautiful open open roads to bike on, and a studio with all my art supplies ready and set up for me to work. a breath of fresh air from the city. but a nice contrast that has me appreciate the buzz and go and oomph that being in New York City gives me.

Of course, I’ve also been almost paralyzed by my own anxieties. what should I be doing with my time? is this valuable? is this useful? is this the best use of my time here? my time in general? am I wasting time? am I making money? what is money? why bother? how is this sustainable anyways?

and then this PowerSuit Project really started to take shape. PowerSuits, worn as a daily costume, something you put on to take yourself seriously, to do serious BusinessLady things, to have the world see you as a respectable powerful person, to be an empowered strong woman. What if I set up a work area (set inside a bizarre context?) where people came, put on a suit, and did BusinessLady things? What if I made 1 million PowerSuits for all specific different reasons and purposes and people? What if everything was a serious important business-related interaction?

We had a lovely curator visit on Monday from Anne Huntington, curator at AMH Industries. She was wonderful and really gave me some great feedback on my work – mostly that it is resonating with someone. That it makes sense and seems to be going somewhere. From talking with her, and also inspired by my friend Shannon‘s 8-Hour Performances, I decided that today was going to be an 8-hour performance of me working in my studio. not sending emails or writing up proposals or calling people or getting supplies but making things in a studio. No internet or email or calls — working as if this were my real job for 8 hours.

it was crazy! of course, I woke up late. postponed the start of the performance / went an hour later. once I was in the studio, I couldn’t believe how tempting it was to check email/facebook/etc — wanting some sort of feedback that what I was doing was valid. Finally I just started in on a project – almost didn’t matter which one – just to get moving.

Some thoughts and screenshots of the performance throughout the day (i did record the performance, not sure where/if i should post the 8 hours of footage? thoughts?):

today’s daily flag: WONDERMENT

10:27am: wow this is tempting to text/check email/check social media

10:35am: everything is more clumsy with lipstick on

1:25pm: the post office is closed from 1pm – 2:30pm!?!?! they’re bigger slackers than artists

2:59pm: had the thought, “man, I can’t wait to “get off work” so I can call X/ text Y/relax”

3:30pm: thought, “why does this matter? who cares if I make blazers all day? while wearing lipstick? this is a stupid use of my time. Why did I prioritize this? also none of these garments are turning out anyway

3:39pm : WHO CARES. let’s just have fun with this anyway. make a hood for my Bonfire Bear Blazer

7:16pm: end. Bonfire Blazer is almost finished (needs edited hood, liner, button/closure.

celebrate with Ian (studio mate) with white wine in a red cup. contemplate new jobs and 8-hour day structures.

money. art. value. time. business.


i liked this. I think I will do one day like this per week. and also mornings in the studio. to get going instead of getting sucked into the internets….

focus was key.

What did you think? did you drop in on the performance? what was it like for you? please let me know!

more blazers blaizin away… tomorrow.




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conclusions: february 2010

I really enjoyed this project. It gave each day an assignment, and I was constantly searching for installations or interesting combinations or pieces or shapes or things. This year featured a predominance of sparkles, and sequins. hmm. Also a lot of things I wouldn’t necessarily call “art”.

I guess that’s where I’m still figuring this all out. I do believe that there are art installations and art pieces and art makers all around us. That everything we place in a certain way is important and tells a story and reveals a character and can be aesthetically beautiful. But I also believe in bad art. I think that some things I make are dumb. Or boring. I also am quite judgmental of other art. Especially when it claims to be community driven (what a hypocritical jerk I am).

I’m drawn to certain aesthetics and certain ideas. I like the ideas of larger worlds being encompassed by smaller worlds. I like the idea of collections of things reflecting our larger world collection of things.

Now I’m getting a bit far off I guess.

Point is that this really pushed me to keep creating and looking and documenting my life, even when I think it’s boring or stupid or that I don’t know what I’m doing here or that I’m lonely. I’m interested in how the daily things I do or tell myself or present in my environments are actually residues of me and my life, and are art in themselves. And I think the idea of my past-selves’ residues is all over this residency program. In fact, that’s really what gives it it’s juice.

I’m working on a Academic Paper about the Bonar Family Residency Program, outlining my proposed theories and thesis regarding this type of work. It’s going to be a part of my friend Mary Rothlisberger’s zine for the Palouse Palouse Press, presenting at Open Engagement this May (the conference which all the cool kids and their community-art-moms are going to….). This goes really nicely with my ongoing evolving performance as a Professional Business Lady.

This is the conclusion of the Installation-A-Day, February 2010 project. I brought back a bottle of Pacific Ocean from the west coast (after pouring out the Atlantic Ocean I had brought over), and then poured it into the Atlantic Ocean back here close to home.

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February 26, 2010

a performance and installation (in our bellies)
february 26
yogurt, blueberries, omlet, pineapple juice, challah, peanut butter, jelly, coffee
kitchen table
collaboration with Sandra, Merrill, and Jeff Bonar

“Would you and your father please throw away your phones and come sit down for breakfast? We’re having breakfast now.”

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february 19, 2010

Torrey Arm Chair
performance and installation documented by Jeff Bonar
february 19
“Torrey Arm Chair” box from behind Pier 1, pool, me
backyard, Bonar Family Residency Program

Yep. Aliya yet again finding large boxes to put herself inside of. Pretending to build boats. That sink within 5 minutes.

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february 11, 2010

grant heaps is really tired (so am i).
performance and installation
february 11 (sorta)
13 toothbrushes, one toothbrush head, shampoo
the bathroom
virtual collaboration with grant heaps

inspired by my good friend grant heaps. Despite the Bonar Family Residency mantra of: “sleep is just practice for being dead”, it’s also pretty important in general.

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