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beginnings&endings // arrivals&departures

Today is my 1 year anniversary of moving to New York. I love it here.

Today is also the day I start my first art residency, at The Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY.

My friend Joe graciously offered to assist me and be my co-pilot driving up there. We rented a car and packed up all my fabric and sequins and bike and clothes, and drove 2 hours out of the city to Wassaic, arriving just in time for dinner.

We made a mini-video-series documenting our road trip! I love it. Watching this is almost like hanging out with us along the trip – being right there in the car talking about art, relationships, snacks, friendship, the pursuit of happiness…. really great stuff here. A lovely portrait of a friend, and of a time of transition — moving into a new realm of art making and living in new york!!

(don’t worry I edited it so you don’t have to sit through all of our blabbering….)

Joe And Aliya go to Wassaic, the Web-Mini-Series

PILOT EPISODE: “I think our movie is going to be better than Portlandia.”

EPISODE 1: “The Manhattan Bridge: There’s a little park in the corner where you can pee”

EPISODE 2: “Biker Lady Pursuit”

(there is no episode 3)

EPISODE 4: “Come on down to Joe and Aliya’s Style Station”

EPISODE 5: “”We’re Talkin’ about Love”

EPISODE 6: “Mellow, Reflective Episode”

EPISODE 7: “The Dessert Episode, inspired by Nature Goodness”

EPISODE 8: “The Adorable Episode”

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Our day off! so excited to spend the day with my soul sister, Juliet.

Plan: adventure to the big city… Buffalo NY.

  1. Breakfast: DELISH&NUTRISH. Started the day with Gourmet Erie Dining Hall Breakfast: featuring buckwheat french toast!!! “It’s buckwheat so you have to add a lot of extra syrup.”
  2. Drive to the beach: SWEATY&SUNNY. we passed a beautiful peeling-paint sign, and had to take some pictures.
  3. Erie Lake Beach: LOUNGE-Y&SEXY. we have matching bathing-suits (accident/fated to be best friends). the Erie Lake shore was beautiful, windy, perfect. we didn’t even get sunburned (like everyone else has this week…). so weird that the water isn’t salty.
  4. Taste of India: FLAVOR-EXPLOSION. so delicious! total break from our lovely dining hall food. I learned that Juliet drinks her tea black, with no sugar or milk. She also doesn’t drink coffee. She does love onion rings and Indian food versions of onion rings.
  5. AMVETS Thrift Store: BIG. I think we spent about 3 hours here. we perused every aisle. We staked out in front of the dressing rooms. We made tough choices. This I call the “Nautical-NASCAR Boyfriend” sweatshirt. Wish I had one to give it to/borrow it from. Was not purchased. A story and art piece in itself — I want to call Kenny (upstairs) and see what he’s up to. Was not purchased. We left the store with multiple onesies, dresses with potentials & plans, plain solid shirts.
  6. The Mall: AHHHH&YET,PRODUCTIVE. Headed over to the next peak of civilization, the Walden Galleria Mall — to the urban outfitters specifically. Unashamed, we blew into that place under the practical mission of finding shoes for a wedding Juliet is a bridesmaid in this fall. SHOES FOUND! aaaaannnnddd… matching on-sale perfectly sized backpacks for us both!!! Left quickly after with headaches, dizzyness, dry throats, general sense of hopelessness and other symptoms of mall-itus.
  7. Blue Fin Something (Dinner): PERFECT MATCH. On the drive back into downtown, Juliet said, “you know what would be perfect for dinner? Some sort of Japanese noodle, vegetable soup” at the same time that I said “noodle salad? sushi?” AND THAT EXACT RESTAURANT APPEARED RIGHT NEXT TO OUR PARKING SPOT. We both got exactly what we wanted.
  8. SPOT coffee shop flagship store: NOSTALGIC&CUTIES. We went for coffee/dessert next door (our real destination) to SPOT COFFEE!! my favorite down-town hang out in Delray Beach — basically where I was everyday this winter when I lived there. They even have the same menu boards! and same cuties behind the counter! I introduced myself and the guy, Andy, said that he had just returned from Delray — that he was there when they opened up the store down there!! I didn’t recognize him specifically, but he was the same caliber of cute that I expect from SPOT coffee shops. and very friendly. Too bad I don’t really live in Buffalo. Needless to say I went back for many cups of water from Andy over the evening.
  9. (pretend) BusinessLady Time: FUN&UNPRODUCTIVE. we had businesslady time: Juliet made some edits on an ad she’s working on, and I made a phone call and did some very productive Facebooking.
  10. Return home: THE BEST DAY. It was the best day. so full of fun and a total transportation out of all my lives so far (NYC, NYSSSA, etc). The more I hang out with Juliet the more I love her and realize we are incredibly similar in a crazy&amazing way. So excited and a little sad that we only have 1.5 weeks left of NYSSSA. Juliet and I are already planning our next trip together, meals to cook together, futures on the west coast.(some mini projects awaiting me back in my room)back home. the air in the dorms isn’t moving and all the new yorkers are complaining about the heat. I’ll sleep pretending I’m in a Florida sauna spa.
  11. Tomorrow: fashion workshop part 2!!!

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JULY = barbeques (my fav), summer trips, tank tops and short shorts, bathing suits 24/7, pure essence of summer. for me this year it means a total shift in my BusinessLady pursuits and work at Creative Time and a jump into the New York State Summer School for the Arts counselor position — accountable for ten amazing 16 and 17 year olds having an incredible month and have a great space to live and expand and make great art. I’m here for the month as a counselor/ RA for 80 high schoolers selected to be part of a state-run summer art school. My friend Juliet from Elsewhere has been involved for 5 summers so far, and it was pretty easy to get me excited about it as well.

WELCOME TO FREDONIA. the land of walmart, tops food store, the upper crust bakery, and the big dipper soft serve shop.

June 29 I rode the magical Staten Island Ferry across the bay, saw some Creative Time art as a send-off along the way, and was greeted by the JRNYR filled with friends old and new. Juliet, Narooz, Rylee, and Jordan were my traveling companions, all having traveled from wherever our normal lives were to jump into the NYSSSA summer. Juliet and Rylee have been working at NYSSSA for so many summers before, Narooz worked there last year, and it was the first summer for Jordan and I. Together on our road-trip across the state of New York we formed THE VANIMALS!!!

And after a day of driving through New York and Pennsylvania without hitting tolls, making one pit-stop at the legendary Wegmans for dinner and snacks, we arrived in Fredonia 12 hours later. I moved into a dorm! It smelled just like the dorms at Hampshire. It was the same eerie feeling of moving into an empty room before everyone moves in. It was the same dorm furniture and showers and dining hall food. Same group excitement — door tags, checking keys, making a million signs for the hallways, having endless meetings.

I am working with an incredible crew of lovely people. We’ve only been together a week and it of course seems like a month already.

I love being here. I love being back in this environment, having daily meetings, being in a committed close team working tirelessly on a zillion projects and programs. I’m excited to get to know and empower my students to challenge themselves and create amazing artwork. It’s been a shift from being an RA for college students… but it’s great. So grateful and excited that I could pause my New York City life and take off for the country…!

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