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i’ve been having all these flashbacks to my Senior Thesis project installation week/month while installing my piece for the 10×10 show this saturday.

First is loading the trusty ole lightning fast nissan maxima with weird shit. In April 2009 it was rubber animals, bolts of fabric, chicken wire rolls, telephone parts, paper airplanes, keyboards, string, tables and lamps, clothing with notes, stuffed animals, clothespins, hats, rocks, pleather, stuffing, babyfood jars, luggage tags, adhesives and connectors of all kinds. Now I’m loading trophies of all sizes, boxes, newspapers, sheets and comforters, blankets, stuffed animals, tea sets, suitcases, toothbrush collection, fishing line, jars, lamps.

It’s similar but different obviously. This is a one-week intensive installation where I’m thinking about this mostly, but 4 other projects/jobs/upcoming things to organize for at the same time. Then I was thinking about that project only. I had 10 rooms to install then, now I have only 1.

I also love the similarities in assistance. I was installing in a creepy empty space then and had more work than I could do just by myself (or needed taller people with more hands than me), and exactly the same now. Its so exciting to have assistance and company and I hope those people enjoy it too, even if all they’re doing is folding paper hats or assisting me to hang trophies as a chandelier. (I almost had someone come assist me as a second date. I thought that was fitting — “Hello, nice to meet you, come be a part of my art now.” That’s basically what’s required of any future boyfriends.)

anyways. the point is it’s nice to be installing again. and having people in my life be there with me and finding old weird shit to put in my installations. and having it come together (at the last minute?)

highlights from today’s working day:

  • getting a full night’s sleep (even though it felt mostly the same as a little night’s sleep after the first hour or so of being awake)
  • wearing my newly reconstructed orange dress with boots
  • having a fab profesh newspaper reporter photoshoot (an article featuring me in 10×10 to be published… friday?)
  • figuring out a way to be both at the conference I’m going to in Miami this weekend AND my art opening all at once.
  • getting RSVPs all day to my art show… people from the synagogue, former art teachers (from high school and from Hampshire!!), JumpStart co-workers, former supervisors, and friends near and far
  • having amazing assistants!! Caroline, Jerron, and good ole MOM AND DAD.
  • DELICIOUS veggie burrito for lunch. it was bigger than my face. I didn’t think I could finish it. but working hanging trophies upside-down in a tent makes you hungry apparently. (PS EVERYONE COME VISIT ME JUST SO WE CAN EAT MORE OF THESE BURRITOS REALLY OMG SO GOOD).
  • hanging all of my and sam’s trophies from our days of glory upside down as a chandelier. I’m so proud of this invention/aesthetic effect. I’m going to start marketing these chandeliers as soon as this show is done. and as soon as I figure out how to spell chandelier.
  • getting a great big self-expressed hug from my friend who is in the 10×10 show and has inspired me in so many ways.
  • Having a great conversation and regaining a friend I hadn’t been talking to.
  • possibilities: that amazing friends will be residents in the Bonar Family Residency Program this upcoming January; that my arctic pets and fancy dresses will be being sold in stores in New Orleans, Boise, and New York soon!; that I might coordinate/create a big public art performance/event/festival for Phoenix Bikes in VA?

best part of this project is getting rid of all the stuff i’ve been holding onto unable to let go of. also best part: using all the leftover stuff from my Senior Thesis and My Childhood and not spending much money at all. biggest costs so far: the $8 PVC pipe, $8 thrifted china, $4.50 burrito, driving back and forth to Lake Worth a billion times. Can’t leave out the “membership” to the creative scrap reuse center… but that’s good all year!! and comes with cute artsy scrap boys.

up next: jewelry making out of trophy parts, animation making for moneyz, leopard print dress making for hottness, arctic pet making for selling, friend making projects for friends, adventure planning for futures, family planning for thanksgiving, sleep?


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10×10 beginnings

nothing gets me more excited than color-coordinated piles of fabrics:

= the beginnings of tents & animals for the 10×10 show in november.

my favorite: that the blue star-print comforter has been in the top of my closet for years. The last time I used it was when my dog would sleep on my bed every night. The comforter smells like her.

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I’m A Pretty Big Deal in these parts.

If you didn’t get the Official Memo released by the National Council of Upcoming Amazing Community Based Artists who are Up To Something Big, one of my installations is going to be in an art show in November!

This show is curated by Kara Walker-Tome, a really amazing south Florida curator that I heard about from states away (an Elsewhere Board Member recommended I talk to her about a year ago) and from close by (an amazing Milagro Teacher — who’s also showing in the exhibition! — also recommended I talk to her). So I finally did! and here I am! I’m so excited to work with her. She says her father-in-law owns a laundry mat where she curated this totally fun performance piece a couple years ago — and that she was thinking that I’d be interested in installing a piece/performance there… um, yes!!

For some reason this feels like a really big deal. At the site visit, I realized that everyone was relating to me like a REAL. PROFESSIONAL. ARTIST. and they all loved me! and what I was up to! And talking about all the other projects I’ve done, people were visibly IMPRESSED. wow. I’m not bragging (too much), but the weirdest part was just realizing that I was really being professional about it all — and so that’s how they were relating to me. I’m being totally serious (about tents, made up stuffed animals, art in storage units, hot pink, glitter), so they are too. I love it.

I’m excited for the opportunity to make art work that is tactile and visual (addicted), but in a totally different context than to be put up in a gallery. If this were going to be in the biggest room in the Miami Art Museum, it’d be boring (ok, maybe not, cause the biggest room? I could make something SO BIG!!). but in this unusual setting, in the context of making art outside of the gallery walls, oh it’s exciting.

Due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict I will be knee deep in a conference in Miami that night and will miss my own 1-night opening… but I’m making the piece interactive and requesting that the visitors leave a note and a story, so there will be something to come back to. It’s all going to be perfect.

sewing begins tomorrow! pictures soon.


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