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beginnings&endings // arrivals&departures

Today is my 1 year anniversary of moving to New York. I love it here.

Today is also the day I start my first art residency, at The Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY.

My friend Joe graciously offered to assist me and be my co-pilot driving up there. We rented a car and packed up all my fabric and sequins and bike and clothes, and drove 2 hours out of the city to Wassaic, arriving just in time for dinner.

We made a mini-video-series documenting our road trip! I love it. Watching this is almost like hanging out with us along the trip – being right there in the car talking about art, relationships, snacks, friendship, the pursuit of happiness…. really great stuff here. A lovely portrait of a friend, and of a time of transition — moving into a new realm of art making and living in new york!!

(don’t worry I edited it so you don’t have to sit through all of our blabbering….)

Joe And Aliya go to Wassaic, the Web-Mini-Series

PILOT EPISODE: “I think our movie is going to be better than Portlandia.”

EPISODE 1: “The Manhattan Bridge: There’s a little park in the corner where you can pee”

EPISODE 2: “Biker Lady Pursuit”

(there is no episode 3)

EPISODE 4: “Come on down to Joe and Aliya’s Style Station”

EPISODE 5: “”We’re Talkin’ about Love”

EPISODE 6: “Mellow, Reflective Episode”

EPISODE 7: “The Dessert Episode, inspired by Nature Goodness”

EPISODE 8: “The Adorable Episode”

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dance video trailer

I am excited to announce that I am making a totally rad music video dance performance. it is very open ended. it will be fun. it will be dance-filled. it will have amazing costumes. it is a chance to punch the air raucously and in time with the beat (or not) and no one will look at you funny. it will be a beginning of a coordinated dance, a movement, a unified group of people, moving, making things happen with their bodies, making marks in the world, putting one foot in front of another, recording it on digital film, making history, changing the world. having fun.

i am inspired by this: http://vimeo.com/18446531
and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv644ipg2Ss

To start things out I had a meet up but no one came because of course it was very last minute. Fortunately I could still dance with myself. I made this promo video to get the ball rolling, to get you pumped up and excited. to dance. !

here is a trailer for this project. I’m really proud. Please excuse anything you perceive to be of poor quality.

music: Gorillaz “All Alone”

camera man: Joe Fenstermaker

dancers: Aliya Bonar, Joe Fenstermaker

editing: Aliya Bonar

camera loan: Davey Davis (till we unfortunately had to switch to iphone video because of lack of charge….)

music curation: Dan White

p.s!! i would love for you to be involved too.


  • ** cinematographer/photographer/documentation: do you have a camera/video camera? do you love/want to do awesome video work capturing this amazing feat?
  • ** lighting/sound: do you know anything about these things? very important. something i often underestimate resulting in terrible sound and lighting. this is what makes you professional people. this is the real shit right here.
  • **music making: you can plan an instrument/sing/make noises that sound amazing. you are excited about these things. you have a passion for seeing one of your creations re-interpreted through coordinated dance with lots of rad people.
  • **dancers! do you want to dance in a unified coordinated fashion? do you want to dance in the spotlight surrounded by clapping, cheering, beautiful people??? have you been waiting for your chance to dance like richard simmons? its your time now.
  • **costumers: coordinated, amazing, fabulous, something you would and would not wear in real life. glittery gold silver hot pink is a very exciting idea to me, but i’m not attached to it if you are actually totally into a subtle grey and brown pallet.
  • **location scouts: do you know nyc/brooklyn like a bad ass? do you know of one or more amazing locations for awesome dancing? please let me know.
  • **crew: you want to be involved, you have an amazing idea that doesn’t fit into the above categories, you are pumped, you are fun, you are excited, you wanna hang out in general.

please let me know also if you’re interested in this idea – no matter who you are or where you are or if you have any of the above skills.

talk to you soon. dance with you sooner.


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