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rock spa

the winter 2012 residents of the Wassaic Project are obsessed with these beautiful blue rocks. they are probably industrial slag, which is less than a beautiful idea, but they are beautiful products.

We used them as the centerpiece/main visual for the Passover Seder. Ashley and I had to take them to an in-house Rock Spa to get them ready for their big performance.


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wassaic community passover 2012


Filled with friends old and new, with delicious foods, with ceremonies, singing, art, rocks, rituals.

quotes from participants:

“I was hesitant to come to the seder, based on my past experiences of Passover, but this was really great. I really loved being a part of this!”

“Thanks so much for facilitating Seder! I appreciated the social justice-y readings et. al. very much. Lovely all around.”

“Thank you for putting this all together. The Seder was a great experience!”

“Yeah, what what WILL make this year different from all other years?”

I CANNOT WAIT to keep updating the digital (powerpoint) haggadah and distribute it earlier next year for you all to use.

jeff washing his hands ceremonially for the whole table

dipping the karpas (also note classy cardboard matzo cover with gold pen embellishments)

no young children were in attendance at our seder (minus Gilvey, age 2 months), so we watched this cute girl on youtube sing the 4 Questions. And then added a fifth question — “How will (we make) this YEAR be different from all other years?”

do-di-li sung by the Milwaukee Children’s Choir (awesome).

breaking the middle matza for the afikomen

maggid — a Jewish Rock Opera

spilling a drop of wine for each of the ten commandments

the meal with Wassaic Farmer friends!

Handmade seder plate, made with much assistance and inspiration from Jeff and Breanne.

Ashley’s crazy Chocolate Matza Face Dance:

so good.

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