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March 3 – April 29, the period of my Wassaic Project Residency.

I created a one-word flag for every day of the residency. The word “created” the day, as opposed to reporting or reflecting on it. It was a way to get out of my head and into the world, to make something instead of think about it, to stop the unproductive negative thinking that kept me from jumping out and making things happen (as opposed to thinking about how stupid or dumb they might turn out).

View the full project set here.

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wassaic community passover 2012


Filled with friends old and new, with delicious foods, with ceremonies, singing, art, rocks, rituals.

quotes from participants:

“I was hesitant to come to the seder, based on my past experiences of Passover, but this was really great. I really loved being a part of this!”

“Thanks so much for facilitating Seder! I appreciated the social justice-y readings et. al. very much. Lovely all around.”

“Thank you for putting this all together. The Seder was a great experience!”

“Yeah, what what WILL make this year different from all other years?”

I CANNOT WAIT to keep updating the digital (powerpoint) haggadah and distribute it earlier next year for you all to use.

jeff washing his hands ceremonially for the whole table

dipping the karpas (also note classy cardboard matzo cover with gold pen embellishments)

no young children were in attendance at our seder (minus Gilvey, age 2 months), so we watched this cute girl on youtube sing the 4 Questions. And then added a fifth question — “How will (we make) this YEAR be different from all other years?”

do-di-li sung by the Milwaukee Children’s Choir (awesome).

breaking the middle matza for the afikomen

maggid — a Jewish Rock Opera

spilling a drop of wine for each of the ten commandments

the meal with Wassaic Farmer friends!

Handmade seder plate, made with much assistance and inspiration from Jeff and Breanne.

Ashley’s crazy Chocolate Matza Face Dance:

so good.

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an update 20 years in the making

last night I finished the update to the Bonar Family Haggadah that has been 20 years in the making.

My dad made this version in 1992. Before that I learned that our family used the Haggadah that my dad and his girlfriend PRIOR TO MY MOM made together — yeah I didn’t know that story till today either. Regardless, the Classic Bonar Family Haggadah is a great version, but there’s so much more to add! So each year we engaged in an imagined, collective performance piece called “Talking about Updating the Haggadah but Never Actually Doing Anything About It”.


welcome to the 21st century, Passover. I introduce to you: the PowerPoint Haggadah.

Fully editable, easily added to, paperless & eco-friendly, modern and pretty. adaptable to the ages, especially ready for multi-media extravaganzas!

I’m so excited to use this on Friday at the Wassaic Passover! I’ve been ironing flags and buying groceries and making charoset and crowns and singing nerdy Passover songs…. SO GRATEFUL to the awesome Wassaic Community who have jumped into this — I’m so excited to celebrate this holiday with a new lovely group of people and friends.

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“working”: an 8-hour performance reflections

welcome to today, to the Headquarters, to this blog, to my life, to the future.

Being at the Wassaic Project has had me finally focus on making art, instead of just focusing on freaking out or applying for jobs that never get back to me or grocery shopping whatever else I was doing. It is this lovely little town. with beautiful open open roads to bike on, and a studio with all my art supplies ready and set up for me to work. a breath of fresh air from the city. but a nice contrast that has me appreciate the buzz and go and oomph that being in New York City gives me.

Of course, I’ve also been almost paralyzed by my own anxieties. what should I be doing with my time? is this valuable? is this useful? is this the best use of my time here? my time in general? am I wasting time? am I making money? what is money? why bother? how is this sustainable anyways?

and then this PowerSuit Project really started to take shape. PowerSuits, worn as a daily costume, something you put on to take yourself seriously, to do serious BusinessLady things, to have the world see you as a respectable powerful person, to be an empowered strong woman. What if I set up a work area (set inside a bizarre context?) where people came, put on a suit, and did BusinessLady things? What if I made 1 million PowerSuits for all specific different reasons and purposes and people? What if everything was a serious important business-related interaction?

We had a lovely curator visit on Monday from Anne Huntington, curator at AMH Industries. She was wonderful and really gave me some great feedback on my work – mostly that it is resonating with someone. That it makes sense and seems to be going somewhere. From talking with her, and also inspired by my friend Shannon‘s 8-Hour Performances, I decided that today was going to be an 8-hour performance of me working in my studio. not sending emails or writing up proposals or calling people or getting supplies but making things in a studio. No internet or email or calls — working as if this were my real job for 8 hours.

it was crazy! of course, I woke up late. postponed the start of the performance / went an hour later. once I was in the studio, I couldn’t believe how tempting it was to check email/facebook/etc — wanting some sort of feedback that what I was doing was valid. Finally I just started in on a project – almost didn’t matter which one – just to get moving.

Some thoughts and screenshots of the performance throughout the day (i did record the performance, not sure where/if i should post the 8 hours of footage? thoughts?):

today’s daily flag: WONDERMENT

10:27am: wow this is tempting to text/check email/check social media

10:35am: everything is more clumsy with lipstick on

1:25pm: the post office is closed from 1pm – 2:30pm!?!?! they’re bigger slackers than artists

2:59pm: had the thought, “man, I can’t wait to “get off work” so I can call X/ text Y/relax”

3:30pm: thought, “why does this matter? who cares if I make blazers all day? while wearing lipstick? this is a stupid use of my time. Why did I prioritize this? also none of these garments are turning out anyway

3:39pm : WHO CARES. let’s just have fun with this anyway. make a hood for my Bonfire Bear Blazer

7:16pm: end. Bonfire Blazer is almost finished (needs edited hood, liner, button/closure.

celebrate with Ian (studio mate) with white wine in a red cup. contemplate new jobs and 8-hour day structures.

money. art. value. time. business.


i liked this. I think I will do one day like this per week. and also mornings in the studio. to get going instead of getting sucked into the internets….

focus was key.

What did you think? did you drop in on the performance? what was it like for you? please let me know!

more blazers blaizin away… tomorrow.




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arriving in the hamlet of wassaic

i love it here!

i’ve finished 2 old quilts, started a new one, started a daily project, went on a lovely country run, eaten home-made pizza from a mobile pizza oven truck.

i love being a “real” artist. ideas swarming and a schedule/actions to match.

come visit! lets make art together.

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beginnings&endings // arrivals&departures

Today is my 1 year anniversary of moving to New York. I love it here.

Today is also the day I start my first art residency, at The Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY.

My friend Joe graciously offered to assist me and be my co-pilot driving up there. We rented a car and packed up all my fabric and sequins and bike and clothes, and drove 2 hours out of the city to Wassaic, arriving just in time for dinner.

We made a mini-video-series documenting our road trip! I love it. Watching this is almost like hanging out with us along the trip – being right there in the car talking about art, relationships, snacks, friendship, the pursuit of happiness…. really great stuff here. A lovely portrait of a friend, and of a time of transition — moving into a new realm of art making and living in new york!!

(don’t worry I edited it so you don’t have to sit through all of our blabbering….)

Joe And Aliya go to Wassaic, the Web-Mini-Series

PILOT EPISODE: “I think our movie is going to be better than Portlandia.”

EPISODE 1: “The Manhattan Bridge: There’s a little park in the corner where you can pee”

EPISODE 2: “Biker Lady Pursuit”

(there is no episode 3)

EPISODE 4: “Come on down to Joe and Aliya’s Style Station”

EPISODE 5: “”We’re Talkin’ about Love”

EPISODE 6: “Mellow, Reflective Episode”

EPISODE 7: “The Dessert Episode, inspired by Nature Goodness”

EPISODE 8: “The Adorable Episode”

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